• No child pornography (lolicon doesn't count)
  • Asian related content only (no Western Movies, no Cartoon)
  • No spam
  • NSFW content belongs in
  • is the official announce URL
Nyaa -
Sukebei -

Nyaa - (Mirror)
Sukebei - (Mirror)

Nyaa - (Mirror)
Sukebei - (Mirror)

Nyaa - dpzz6tjaqbl3ttba.onion (Mirror)
Sukebei - 34knbgrnvicofdgz.onion (Mirror)

Torrent colors

Green entries are:

  • Torrents uploaded by trusted users.

Red entries are:

  • Re-encodes
  • Remux of another uploader's original release
  • Reupload of another users torrent with missing and/or unrelated additional files.

How do I link my old uploads back to my new account?

Join #nyaapantsu-help@Rizon and ask a moderator to migrate your old torrents while mentioning your old and new usernames.

Server status can be found here

Status -

What happened?

Official Nyaapocalypse FAQ

Extensions and Plugins (made by third-party developers)

Local Client

Do you have an api?

API documentation

RSS Feed Information

Feed Routes

Base URL: Type)/p/(Page Number) "/p/(Page Number)" is optional

EX: (Limit max is 300 items per page)

Feed Types: RSS(feed), RSS With Magnet Links(magnet), Torznab Spec(torznab), EZTV Spec(eztv)

You can append your search query to the end of the feed URL.

How do I download the torrents?

Just use the magnet link. The magnet link will be used by your BitTorrent client to look up the file on the DHT network and it should download just fine.

The magnet link should look like this: magnet:?xt=urn:btih:[hash]&dn=[name]&tr=[tracker]&tr=[...]

Why does pantsu has ads?

This is not a decision we make lightly, and we have thoroughly considered the objections raised by all of you, but ultimately we feel this is the only sustainable solution to fund Pantsu and ensure its continued operation.
We have given much thought to possible funding sources, and no other options we have considered come close to being able to fund Pantsu.
After much thought, we have decided ads from a-ads is the best option for us and our users. These ads are simple and unobtrusive, in no way interfering with the experience of using the site, and do not include any form of tracking.

Which trackers do you recommend using?

We now have our own Tracker called, add it to the top of the list before uploading. You should add all of these trackers to keep the torrent resilient.


How can I help?

If you have website development expertise, you can join the #nyaapantsu IRC channel on If you have any current databases, especially for sukebei, please upload them.

Your design sucks / I found a bug

Why is your shit written in Go?

It's the author's favorite programming language.

Who the fuck is れんちょん?

れんちょん (Ren-chon) is the username assigned to uploads and comments made anonymously. It is also used for torrents imported from the original nyaa, though sometimes the original uploader can be displayed alongside.

funny meme